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    KAMA offers Research Services and custom application development to assist you to deliver maps, data, reports, data analytics and spatial analyses.
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    KAMA's principal undertaking and current focus is The National Centre for Geographic Resources & Analysis in Primary Health Care (GRAPHC) at the Research School of Population Health - Australian National University (ANU)
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    Find related map services, data visualisations, collaborations and spatial resources.
  • Academic Publications

    KAMA has collaborated and contributed to a number of academic publications and presentations.
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    KAMA offers a variety of online mapping platforms, data and systems implementation services to health researchers, policy makers, private industry and not-for-profit organisations. Our research consultancy service capabilities include customised online interactive mapping platforms.

KAMA Systems: Targets and Focus:

The importance of data-driven decision making and evidence based policy cannot be overstated: Data is driving business and government strategy, communication protocols, global economic and environmental planning and all this impacts behaviour and all underpinning research agendas (1).

The next 5 to 10 years will see virtually all planning, policy and funding based on reliable data and strong evidence.

The use of maps is increasingly recognised as a key knowledge translation tool to assist in decoding data for decision-making. (1)

The World Health Organization states that:

“…mapping of events not only facilitates epidemiological analysis but is also effective for advocacy, informing the public and generating action by decision - makers". (2)

Health systems worldwide are plagued with challenges such as:
  • ageing populations
  • growing complexity in health conditions / co-morbidities
  • demands on emerging technologies
  • workforce pressures
  • unsustainable healthcare costs.

Fragmented health care, including duplications and gaps in services, contributes to wasted resources and poor health outcomes for individuals and communities. Universally, health reforms recognise that health systems with strong integrated primary health care at their core are both effective and efficient at delivering appropriate services where they are needed most.

However, achieving integrated health care is a major challenge. It requires integration at multiple levels of a health system, including policies that enable organisations to support and provide leadership to the teams of health care providers that deliver care.

(1) McLafferty S. GIS and Health Care. Annual Review of Public Health. 2003;24:25–42. doi: 10.1146/annurev.

(2) WHO Public Health Mapping and GIS

KAMA Systems: Research Consultancy Services

KAMA offers a comprehensive range of online geographic data visualisation tools, data and systems implementation services to health researchers, policy makers, private industry and not-for-profits. Our research consultancy service capabilities include:
  • Short-term or incremental help with specific technical requirements, including mapping, analysis and web delivery
  • Project scoping and requirements analysis to accurately and efficiently determine how GIS can assist your health research requirements
  • Assistance with underlying hardware, software and network infrastructure for your GIS requirements
  • Spatially enabling data, including personal clinical records
  • Custom software development, including spatial web applications
  • Custom Software Development - KAMA is able to offer a range of custom software development services based on our Enterprise suite of GIS products. We regularly assist our clients to build custom spatial web applications and mobile spatial solutions.
  • Web, classroom and custom on-site training to meet the wide variety of needs of our users.
  • Geospatial Analysis. location is important for population health. We can help you understand YOUR data and local, regional, community and national measures of health socio-economic, communty profiles and demographics.
  • If you have a wealth of data and need to unlock it's potential. KAMA can help you to realise the potential of your data holdings for analytic and visualisation purposes.
  • One picture is worth a thousand words. A map is worth a thousand pictures. We can help you whittle your data and information into meaningful graphics, pictures and maps, Hot-spot, Cluster analyses and Spatio-Temporal analyses can help you identify areas of interest and to provide support for policy initiatives.
KAMA's services have helped in the implementation of solutions to assist with:
  • Disease surveillance
  • Clinical management
  • Environmental public health tracking
  • Improved identification of public health issues, including: diabetes, workforce, suicide prevalence, eye health

KAMA Systems: Summary

KAMA offers data visualisation tools to help find insights to improve our understanding of demands and provision of health services.
We promote and facilitate the use of geographical information systems (GIS) to inform locally relevant and equitable solutions for targeting health resources and services in Australia.

KAMA aims to meet the needs of Australian Health Research by supporting access to research resources: Spatially attributed Health and Demographic Data, Spatial Analyses, and On-line Interactive Mapping Systems.

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