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Academic Publications


Spatial Analysis of the Neighborhood Risk Factors for Respiratory Health in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT): Implications for Emergency Planning

Sarah Davies,Paul Konings and Aparna Lal  - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Sep; 17(17): 6396; - 2020

Spatial inequities of mental health nurses in rural and remote Australia

Nyoman Sutarsa, Michelle Banfield, Jason Passioura, Paul Konings and Malcolm Moore  - International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, - 2020

Identifying hotspots of type 2 diabetes risk using general practice data and geospatial analysis: an approach to inform policy and practice

N Bagheri, P Konings, K Wangdi, A Parkinson, S Mazumdar, E Sturgiss, A Lal, K Douglas, N Glasgow… - Australian Journal of Primary Health, - 2019

Spatial clustering of fatal, and non-fatal, suicide in new South Wales, Australia: implications for evidence-based prevention

M Torok, P Konings, PJ Batterham, H Christensen - BMC psychiatry, 17 (1), 339 - 2017

Measuring relationships between doctor densities and patient visits: a dog's breakfast of small area health geographies

S Mazumdar, N Bagheri, P Konings, S Chong, B Jalaudin, F Girosi, I McRae - Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy, 12 (3), 631-645 - 2019

Protecting the privacy of individual general practice patient electronic records for geospatial epidemiology research

S Mazumdar, P Konings, M Hewett, N Bagheri, I McRae, P Del Fante - Australian and New Zealand journal of public health 38 (6), 548-552 - 2014

Undiagnosed diabetes from cross-sectional GP practice data: an approach to identify communities with high likelihood of undiagnosed diabetes

Nasser Bagheri, Ian McRae, Paul Konings, Danielle Butler, Kirsty Douglas, Peter Del Fante, Robert Adam - BMJ open 4 (7) e005305 - 2014

Community Cardiovascular Disease Risk From Cross-Sectional General Practice Clinical Data: A Spatial Analysis

Nasser Bagheri, Bridget Gilmour, Ian McRae, Paul Konings, Paresh Dawda, Peter Del Fante, Chris Van Weel - Preventing chronic disease, Vol 12 - 2015

General practitioner (family physician) workforce in Australia: comparing geographic data from surveys, a mailing list and medicare

S Mazumdar, P Konings, D Butler, IS McRae - BMC health services research, 13 (1) - 2013

A brief report on primary care service area catchment geographies in New South Wales Australia

S Mazumdar, X Feng, P Konings, I McRae, F Girosi - International journal of health geographics, 13 (1), 38 - 2014

How useful are primary care service areas? Evaluating PCSAs as a tool for measuring primary care practitioner access

S Mazumdar, D Butler, N Bagheri, P Konings, F Girosi, X Feng, I McRae - Applied geography, 72, 47-54 - International journal of health geographics, 13 (1), 38 - 2014

A new generation of Primary Care Service Areas or general practice catchment areas

S Mazumdar, L Pinzari, N Bagheri, P Konings, F Girosi, I McRae - Transactions in GIS, 21 (6), 1379-1390 - 2017

Primary Health Care Data and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Spatial Analysis.

N Bagheri, B Gilmour, I McRae, P Konings, P DawdaP Del Fante, C Van Weel - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 44, 165-165 - 2015


G-Tags : Mapping individual clinical records without loss of patient privacy.

Aparna Lal, Paul Konings  - >Mapped Out Conference, REROC, Wagga Wagga - 2015

Challenges and Opportunities with Geospatial Data for programme management - an Academic View
- Download Presentation

Aparna Lal, Paul Konings - National Primary Healthcare Conference? 2-4 November - 2015

Cardiovascular disease risk at the Netherlands and Australian communities: using general practitioners' clinical data and spatial analysis methods
- Download Presentation

Bagheri, N., Konings, P., Biermans, M., van Weel, C - National Primary Healthcare Conference? 2-4 November - 2015

GRAPHC Introduction - A 10 min overview introducing G-Tag System
- Download Presentation

Konings, P - Institute of Australian Geographers - Health Geography Study Group, Canberra , Australia - 2015

Spatial variation of Cardiovascular disease risk in Australian communities: an approach to better targeting preventive interventions
- Download Presentation

Bagheri, N., Konings, P., Gilmor, B., McRae, I., Dawda, P., Del Fane, P., van weel, C - International Medical Geography Symposium, Vancouver , Canada - 2015

Hotspots of CVD risk in the Australian and the Netherlands communities: a comparative analysis
- Download Presentation

Bagheri, N., Konings, P., McRae, I., Bierman, M., van weel, C. - PHCRIS 2015, Adelaide, Australia - 2015

GRAPHC: a Spatial Portal for Collaboration in Primary Health Care Research

James Peterson, Michael Black, Paul Konings, Ian McRae - Geospatial Today PHC Article 24/07/13 - 2013

The Impact of Australian Spatial Data Infrastructures on Geocoded Health Data
- Download Presentation

N. Mullan, J. Boyd, P. Konings, D. Butler, B. Veenendaal, G. West, J. Semmens - International Geospatial Geocoding Conference - 2011

Medical Students Outcomes Database. - Poster

Kirsty Douglas, Danielle Butler, Paul Konings, Lou Landau, Bal Kaur, Nicholas Glasgow, Justin Beilby, Andrew Bazemore  - MSOD Report: Spatial Mapping Medical Schools and Student Origins - Report to the Medical Deans of Australia And New Zealand - 2012

Brief explanation of HealthLandscape Australian and GRAPHC.

Paul Konings & Michael Hewett  - Presentation to Robert Graham Centre & Health Foundation Cincinnati

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